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Žene koje su doživjele spontani pobačaj na Instagramu ruše tabue

Britanska psihologinja specijalizirana za mentalno zdravlje žena, nako što je i sama doživjela pobačaj, odlučila je o svemu javno progovoriti kako bi pomogla sebi, ali i drugim ženama

Spontani pobačaj noćna je mora za svaku ženu koja želi biti majka te i dalje tema o kojoj društvo ne govori, iako je čak oko 50 posto trudnoća završi gubitkom djeteta.

Žene nerijetko kroz taj gubitak prolaze same te je tome na kraj odlučila stati britanska psihologinja Jessica Zucker, specijalizirana za mentalno zdravlje žena u reproduktivnoj dobi, koja je i sama nedavno izgubila drugo dijete, u 16 tjednu trudnoće.

Otvorila je račun na Instagramu "I Had a Miscarriage" (imala sam pobačaj) te pozvala sve žene s istim bolnim iskustvom da otvore dušu i pomognu sebi, ali i jedna drugoj. 


I'm heading to Japan next weekend to explore the traditions and rituals surrounding pregnancy loss. To visit places created to specifically acknowledge the mourning process: Jizo statues, temples, cemeteries. _ But just yesterday while sitting with patient after patient, it dawned on me that even though our culture doesn't have standardized ways of memorializing loss, my office (and countless offices around the world) has become a sanctuary of sorts. The amount of love expressed within those 4 walls could deem the space holy almost. _ My work is an honor - witnessing and processing the pain that accompanies these journeys - the hope, the anxiety, the poignant vulnerability. Sitting with the intensity of wanting but ultimately not knowing. _ Although we exchange words during therapy sessions, there is an abounding sense of grounding meditation. Ritual in the making. Simultaneous to words, gentle breath. Lost babies spoken about and felt deep within our bones. _ #IHadAMiscarriage #miscarriage #stillbirth #pregnancyloss #grief #loss #motherhood #pregnancyafterloss #1in4

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@moonsproutmama shares: "I cherished every second, counted every day, tracked every week with this little one, but our time together was short + bittersweet. _ There were weeks of blood testing. My hormones were simply "too low". We were just dealt the most casual, but lethal blow. There would be no other explanation or condolences... _ I was in disbelief + filled with resentment. This wasn't really happening. How could this happen? I bled for days. What could I have done differently? Was it my stress level? The CONSTANT (3rd party) dramatics? My lack of eating + sleeping? The blame game. Our life was upside down at the time. It could have been any one, if not the combination of all those factors. _ We were blessed soon after with our son, but I chose to keep this pregnancy + our loss private. How can one truly convey such joy while it's laced with grief + fear? I clung to my growing baby's well being everyday during those precious months. Always dreading the what ifs even right up until the moment he was placed in my arms. _ I lost this baby a year ago. It's finally come full circle, but the healing has seemingly just begun. I'm sharing this to kill the stigma. To do away with the anxiety that creeps in daily. To silence the what ifs that continue to haunt me. I'm sharing this to end the self blame + shame. We are 1 in 4. _ I am ready. ✨" _ #IHadAMiscarriage

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"Bila sam sama kod kuće, dobila sam grčeve i počela krvariti. Osjetila sam da dijete izlazi iz mene. Nazvala sam ginekologa koji mi je preko telefona govorio što trebam učiniti dok ne stigne pomoć. Poslije toga moj život više nije bio isti", opisala je Jessica kroz što je prolazila kada je izgubila dijete. 



• Pregnancy after pregnancy loss photos _ This is the first picture I took of my burgeoning belly in my post-loss pregnancy. _ When I received the call from the geneticist on June 6, 2013 at 5:08pm (yes, I took a photo of my caller ID to memorialize!) with the relieving news that the baby was healthy, I wept with joy. This call allowed me to breathe deeper than I had in a while. _ I began taking photos, sheepishly. Though I knew the baby was healthy, I continued on in my fear after experiencing such trauma with my 16-week loss. But photos I took to honor this pregnancy, my changing body, to bond, and remember. _ If you've been pregnant after a pregnancy loss, did you take photographs during your subsequent pregnancy? Why or why not? _ #IHadAMiscarriage #pregnancylosscards #pregnancyafterloss #babybump #rainbowbaby #miscarriage #pregnancyloss #babyloss #motherhood #tribedemama #memorialize #grief #loss #1in4

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"Pobačaj nije bolest. Za njega nema jednostavnog lijeka. Tišina neće učiniti da nestane. Zato, prekinimo tišinu", poručila je Jessica svim ženama. 



• Miscarriage is not a disease. There is not a singular cure. Silence will not make it go away. So we speak. _ Here at #IHadAMiscarriage, we are dedicated to storytelling as a form of healing and inspiring others. We want to change culture so that future generations feel comfortable talking about these reproductive hardships. So they feel less alone. We believe that words have the power to transform our pain over time and with dedication. We know that support is paramount and that we can harness its potency through using our voices. _ This year the campaign focuses on the various routes to motherhood, putting a face to the statistics, and encouraging intergenerational conversations surrounding pregnancy loss. Though Pregnancy + Infant Loss Awareness Month is quickly coming to a close, our commitment is year-round. _ Video by @the_jaki. Mama + babe tees + pregnancy loss cards designed by @annerobincallig. Proceeds go to @thebirthhour. Available in my online shop. Link in profile. _ #IHadAMiscarriage #miscarriage #loss #grief #rainbowbaby #motherhood #pregnancyloss #stillbirth #1in4 #pregnancylossawareness #pregnancylosscards

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Ovaj Instagram profil postao je ubrzo vrlo popularan i ispunjava svoju svrhu. Žene na njemu objavljuju fotografije svojih trudničkih trbuha, ali i stanja u kojima su se našle nakon pobačaja.

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